Gondola Shelving

Customers demand a peaceful shopping experience where goods can be conveniently arranged to examine and select. Gondola shelving provides customers with sleek and inconspicuous shelves that giving the products a vibrant and orderly appearance.

A free standard shelving system with a broad, sturdy base is commonly called Gondola shelving. It is a store fixture with two sides that practically shows merchandise. Each gondola rack comprises a back panel made of pegboard, solid board, slat wall and base shelves, vertical end, and middle uprights with slots.

Gondola supermarket fixtures are the favorite option in the retail business that maximizes business display space. Gondola rack allows retailers to feature various shelves combined with a variety of retail display accessories such as perforated hooks. These heavy-duty steel shelving units are available in a variety of heights, widths, and lengths. Stability is another integral part of gondola shelving, and unlike other shelving systems; Gondola shelving has no risk of tilted or loose shelves.

Benefits of Gondola shelving:

  • Gondola shelves are easily re-adjustable, so they are easy to configure to make shelves reachable for children and disabled persons.

  • It is easy to add a range of accessories with gondola shelving to display the products more attractively to make more sales. You can add shelf dividers, hooks, wire baskets, specialized magazine racks, and more.

  • Gondola retail shelving can turn stock twice as fast as all other areas.

  • Gondola supermarket shelves offer versatility by allowing shelves adjustment at different heights and depths. Shelf numbers also optimize the product display for maximum exposure and sales
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