Price Tags

Electronic Shelf Label

The electronic price tag is designed to centrally control all prices and develop a reliable congruence of data between shelf, online shop, and cash register. These Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) greatly reduce the cost of upgrading rates, minimize sources of error, and relieve workers of additional efforts. A flexible ERP system adjusts the process within seconds.

How digital price tag works?

These digital price tags are an easy and effective state-of-the-art labeling tool that is wireless and allows ads, product descriptions, inventory, and pricing details to be viewed, examined, and accessed electronically from anywhere in the world with a superb internet connection. The approach is straightforward and does not necessitate any extra hardware on the retailer's end.

Benefits of electronic price tags:

  • These ESL's can have installed movement sensors to track customer movements and patterns at a relatively low cost.
  • Digital price tags are more accurate and easier to edit. Employees do not need to spend time making hundreds of minor adjustments in the shop.
  • These electronic price tags help retailers to reduce their inventory loss and allow them to stay more eco-friendly.
  • Few ESL devices have sensors that can monitor additional data, such as temperature, and warn the sellers when their refrigeration levels are dangerously low.
  • Customers show more trust towards a store with ESLs because this sophisticated technology enhances the customer's perception of price accuracy.

The digital price tag facilitates overall price control and improves store efficiency. For buyers, this electronic source of goods traceability allows the source of goods to be investigated, pursued, and liability to be investigated, thus increasing product demand protection.

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